Demystifying the Consumable Insert Welding Symbol: A Complete Guide

Welding is more than a process; it’s a language of its own, filled with unique signs and symbols that guide the way materials are fused together. Among these symbols, the consumable insert welding symbol often emerges, carrying …

Consumable Insert Welding Symbol

Welding is more than a process; it’s a language of its own, filled with unique signs and symbols that guide the way materials are fused together. Among these symbols, the consumable insert welding symbol often emerges, carrying its own significance that might not be fully understood by all.

Consumable inserts are specialized filler metals that serve two purposes: aiding in fit-up and acting as backing material for open-root joints. These inserts are custom-shaped to facilitate precise alignment of parts and ensure consistent root beads.

To symbolize the use of consumable inserts on a drawing, a square symbol is placed opposite the groove symbol. This square represents the presence of the consumable insert, similar to the backing symbol used in joints requiring backing material.

In this article, we aim to shed light on this symbol, presenting a detailed understanding of its meaning and its role in the welding industry.

Few important things about Consumables Insert welding Symbol are:

  1. Consumables Insert welding Symbol is always used with Groove Weld symbol.
  2. Consumables Insert welding Symbol also have side significance.
  3. It is a Supplementary Weld Symbol and hence used with a Basic Weld Symbol.
  4. The class of consumables insert is placed in the tail section.
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The Essence of Consumable Inserts

Before we decode the symbol, it’s important to grasp the concept of a consumable insert. In the world of welding, a consumable insert refers to a pre-set piece of filler metal used in specific types of welding, such as Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding.

Consumable inserts are made from same metal as base metal for welding. Positioned in the joint before the actual welding begins, the insert eventually gets consumed during the process, becoming an integral part of the weld.

Consumable inserts bring the advantage of consistent filler metal quantity in the weld, promoting uniformity in weld quality.

This is especially beneficial in scenarios where the back of the weld cannot be reached once the welding process starts such as small bore piping..

Consumable Insert Welding Symbol

The specification for consumable inserts is indicated by positioning the consumable insert symbol on the side of the reference line that is opposite the groove weld symbol.

The Weld Symbol of a Consumable insert is shown by placing a square box on the reference line and it has side significance.

The class of the consumable insert, as per the American Welding Society (AWS), should be noted in the tail of the welding symbol. For a detailed understanding of the AWS insert classes, you can refer to the AWS A5.30/A5.30M, the Specification for Consumable Inserts.

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According to AWS A5.30, there are 5 types of Consumables insert as covered in this article in depth.

Below are the example of Class 2 and Class 3 consumables insert welding symbol. Any supplementary contour symbol if required can also be placed on the insert weld symbol.

Understanding the Symbol

The consumable insert symbol is utilized when an insert, which eventually forms part of the weld, is employed within a welded joint. These inserts are typically defined by their shape, size, and material composition.

This symbol is positioned on the side opposite to that of the groove weld symbol. It’s mandatory to note the class of the consumable insert in the tail of the welding symbol.

When you encounter the consumable insert symbol on a welding diagram, it instructs the welder to position a preformed piece of filler metal in the joint prior to welding.

This insert is then consumed during the welding operation, becoming part of the weld and ensuring a consistent and uniform weld bead.

The Role of Consumable Inserts in Welding

Consumable inserts play a pivotal role in creating top-quality welds, particularly in applications that demand full penetration welds, but where the back of the weld is not accessible post the commencement of welding.

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By using a consumable insert, welders can ensure a fully filled complete weld joint, enhancing the overall strength and durability of the weld.

In conclusion, the consumable insert welding symbol is an indispensable part of the welding vocabulary, delivering critical directions to the welder. Comprehending this symbol and the method it represents is crucial for producing high-standard welds.

Just like with every aspect of welding, adequate training and routine practice are necessary to correctly interpret and implement the instructions indicated by welding symbols.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced professional or a beginner in the field, understanding welding symbols, like the consumable insert symbol, is fundamental to your expertise.


Kumar is a highly experienced welding professional and author known for his expertise in welding symbols. With certifications including IWE, AWS-CWI, and ASNT NDT Level III.