Peripheral Weld meaning

Peripheral Weld meaning

In welding terminology, a peripheral weld, also known as all-around welding, refers to a type of weld joint where the weld is made around the entire circumference of a circular or cylindrical object.

This type of weld is commonly used in applications such as pipes, tubes, or cylindrical structures where a complete weld around the perimeter is necessary for structural integrity and to ensure a leak-proof seal.

weld all around welding symbol examples
Example of a Peripheral Weld

What is other name of Peripheral Weld?

The other names of a Peripheral Weld are:

  1. All around weld.
  2. Circumferential weld.
  3. Weld all around.

Peripheral Weld is a term used in ISO standards such as ISO 2553 while in AWS or in the American terminology, it is known as All around welding. The welding symbol for a peripheral weld or weld all around is same.